Struggles of High Class Escorts in Brisbane

Escorting is very big in Australia. There are many independent, agency and new escorts almost every day. These ladies know how profitable this kind of business is and what lies ahead in this career option. But why do women enter escorting? Quite frankly, most of you would say that ‘it’s all about the money’, but there is more to escorting than just the quick cash.

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In case you don’t know, escorts can earn from a mere $150 to as much as $1000 an hour or more! For the young professional, this can be a really tempting deal. It’s no wonder why there are a lot of new escorts joining the industry. For whatever reasons, if you are having a hard time with your bills or college fees and its pushing you to the point of desperation, the thought of paying for sex looks like greener pastures.

Sometimes, most people have a misconception about escorts that they have it all easy for them when the truth is the exact opposite. Escorts have to struggle on everyday life just like the normal citizen, trying to find ways to improve her career status. She has to deal with the social stigma that surrounds her job and deal with all the hate from society. They have been tagged as ‘home wreckers’ and ‘whores’ and you think it’s just about sex.

If you’re talking about looks, it’s only going to take you too far in this industry. Escorts don’t rely on good looks to get clients. Though it gets them interested, most of these girls are armed with great personality, manners and attitude which can take you to the success that you need in this career. Having great personality and philosophies in life can take you far along this road.Though you can earn as much as the mentioned hourly rate, it’s hard to get to such as a stature in the escorting industry. Sometimes, it takes years to earn such a good standing in the industry. After all, you are competing against experienced, high class escorts in Brisbane with a lot of clients; how would a new escort stand against such an obstacle?

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