Some Facts about Masturbation

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Masturbation is a normal activity not only in men but with women as well. Most of us would find it awkward but it is a normal process in which we pass our “cravings”. Escorts in Brisbane online offer services such as mutual masturbation where you can watch each other masturbate or stimulate each other. Either way, it’s an erotic fantasy for most of us to be relieved with a hot woman. We know not all of us are lucky enough to have a hot girlfriend.

Men find it easier to masturbate than women. 53% of women do masturbate using a vibrator while only 17% of men use it for a solo act. If you think that vibrators in men are used for anal, this is not always the case. The vibrations create a pleasurable sensation for both the shaft and balls. Rimming with a vibrator is also pleasurable for men and women but only a few males admit to it. If you are experimental on your time with Brisbane escorts, you can ask her to bring a vibrator and try it out while having sex.

Sexual fantasies are also catered by hot Brisbane escorts such as role playing, mutual masturbation, light S&M, etc. There is still a huge percentage of clients who are requesting for erotic asphyxia which they claim to heighten the sexual experience for both the giver and receiver. If you have such fantasies, don’t push it to the extreme with independent escorts. 30% of suicides in males are attributed to auto erotic asphyxia.

If you think Australia is weird, it gets even weirder. Kangaroos have been observed to give themselves blowjobs (that’s some flexibility!) but they aren’t the only species in the animal kingdom to masturbate. Female porcupines had also been observed to use wooden sticks as dildoes.

If you have masturbation fantasies, then you would never regret going out with escorts in Brisbane online. These girls can make your fantasies come true with toys, vibes and even whips for those kinky moments. Visit the gallery now and make these fantasies come true!

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