Private Escorts Brisbane – What Men Should Remember When Going For Anal Sex

You’ll be surprised that anal sex is not just for the sexually daring anymore, as it’s becoming more and more common in bedrooms all over the world. Private Escorts Brisbane says that backdoor play is a different beast altogether, so if you’re trying to convince your girl to do it, you need to have knowledge on how things should be before going into it exactly.

Private Escorts BrisbaneBelow are the things that you need to remember, so keep them in mind.

Lube Is Your Best Friend
Unlike the pussy, her rectum does not produce lubrication; hence penetration without at least an ample of lube can result to dry friction. That’s not something that is pleasurable, of course. Use a silicone-based product instead of petroleum jelly, as the latter will just clog up the walls of her rectum. If you want to make her more involved with the process, get her to come with you to the sex shop and pick one together.

Don’t Ever Forget About the Foreplay
It’s really important to turn her on before you proceed with entering the back door. When she feels hot and bothered, her body tends to be more receptive with anal – making the whole process easy. Basically, you need to make her crave for it. This way when you start touching her closer to her anus, she’ll be more likely to respond with a heated moan than a yelp of pain.

Furthermore, try initiating a mutual masturbation session to make her feel relaxed and adored. The art of tease and anticipation is one of the best tools you have in your sexual kit. You can use your fingers to work into her anus, before fully entering her with you penis.

Always Keep It Clean
Remember that anal sex can make the both of your equally susceptible with diseases compared to that of vaginal sex. The wall of the rectum is quite thin and permeable, so safe sex is always advisable. Not only condoms will protect you against stray fecal matter, it will also prevent her from your semen as it can mix with the contents of her rectum.
From now, encourage anal sex more often and do your best to stay safe. Nonetheless, if you want to feel how it’s really like to have this kind of sex, those lovely anal-obsessed Private Escorts Brisbane can help you.


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