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Even if you aren’t ready for the commitment of a relationship, you can still satisfy your needs without having to agonise over picking up girls when you go out for drinks. The gorgeous ladies at Private Escorts Brisbane help you get over feeling self-conscious, so you can enjoy your night out.

Private Escorts BrisbaneOf course, that’s not limited to just dinner and drinks.

Our lips met again, and I pulled her closer, running my hand down her back until I could cup her firm but generous ass. She moaned in reply, lips parted invitingly, and stoked the fire ever higher by grinding her hips against mine.

She grabbed my other hand and brought it up to rest on one of her boobs, pressing against it gently. I knew what she wanted, and I complied. Another moan as I started massaging her breast; I was surprised my pants hadn’t ripped from my very obvious hard-on.

When I leaned closer to tease her nipples with my mouth and tongue, she let out a large gasp, fingernails digging into my shoulder as she urged me on. The next thing I knew, she’d freed my cock from its confines, shapely fingers stroking it almost in time to my ministrations.

When she finally guided my dick into her slick but tight cunt, she did so slowly, teasingly. Her breasts bounced in time to her movements, and I reached up to fondle them again. “More, babe…more…” she breathed, moving faster, her inner muscles squeezing and releasing me. I kneaded her breasts more, leaned down to once more suck on a nipple, sometimes nipping at it.

Twice, I came close to cumming; each time she slowed down enough for us to change positions. Finally, we were going at it doggy style, with me reaching around to stroke her clit. She tensed around me soon after, a scream of utter pleasure on her lips. I came, too, grunting as I exploded inside her, her arms tight around me as she quivered from ecstasy.

You, too, can experience warm companionship and utterly orgasmic pleasure; browse the gallery at Private Escorts Brisbane to find the perfect pleasure partner for you!


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