Private Escorts Brisbane – 5 Tips to Fondle Her Breasts Successfully

There’s no doubt that women love breasts stimulation. As part of either foreplay or extra stimulation during sex, knowing how to fondle breasts can be satisfying for both lovers. According to PrivateEscorts Brisbane, fondling a woman’s tits is one way of keeping her sexually satisfied. So, if you want to leverage your talents on this part, bear these tips in mind.

Private Escorts BrisbaneCupping
This is the foremost fondling tip you should learn. All you need to do is place your hands directly on the bottom of her breasts, lift them slightly in an upward direction, and gently move your hand. If your lady has a smaller breast, only slightly push forward. Remember to always be mindful of your partner’s sensitivity level.

Ring Around Her Nipples
The next best thing to do is to stimulate the area directly around her nipples. The said area is quite sensitive to touch and temperature, so maximize it during intercourse. You can lick the end of your finger and gently touch the area in a circular motion. Switch to using your tongue to perform the same action. If you get your woman’s approval, you can finish the process using an ice cube.

Plump the Nipples
Enlarging or also known as plumping the nipples is the next tip for fondling breasts. Just place your thumb and forefinger on either side of the nipple and gently squeeze at first. After which, apply more pressure but do it slowly. Once you notice that the nipples swells slightly, stop with the squeezing – unless she encourages more.

One of the many ways for her to reach orgasms is by sucking her nipples using your lips. Start softly, and then increase the sucking action. Use your tongue to play around with her nipples while sucking it. If you want, you can bite them gently as long as she approves it.

Penal Touching
The final tip for fondling her breasts involves contact between the breasts and the male penis. Yes, you heard that right – this is basically titty fucking. Remember, women enjoy this erotic touch, so do it as often as you can. Just keep control of your penis as you rub it gently between her breasts.

If you want to try these tips prior to your lady, those sexually-active girls at Private Escorts Brisbane can help you.


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