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Escorts Brisbane OnlineEscort girls in Brisbane have heard it time and again – “Why can’t my partner be like a hot porn star?” So why don’t you bring out the wild kitten in her? Steam up your sex life by exposing her to pleasures that will have her embracing sexual variety and being more open to options that can bring your orgasms to the highest level of satisfaction. The Escorts Brisbane Online features some of the best positions that’ll have her begging you for more:

Asian Cowgirl

Let her have the reigns while you enjoy her back ride you to the peak of orgasmic mountain. Aside from her having full control, the position allows for deep penetration that creates more powerful sensations with the arch of your penis rubbing with her insides in an awkwardly delicious way.

CAT – Coital Alignment Technique

Who says missionary was dull? Well, not if you know this trick. Aside from getting eye contact and some good kissing, the alignment of his pelvic with hers creates a sensational feeling in the clitoris while penetrating her. The grinding and speedy thrusts make the stimulation more stirring.

Speed Bump

If she’s feeling submissive, then let her have the speed bump by having her lie on her stomach at the edge the bed with her feet on the floor. Jam her full with some pumping action. This move can bring an amazing wave of tingling for her, with her G-spot getting speedy spot ons.


From the clitoris, rectal and the G-spot… today, everyoneis heading for the Cul-de-Sac. For the Brisbane escorts and other women who have enjoyed such stimulations in this ultimate orgasm trigger- the experience was having fireworks sensations. No other way can turn her knees into jelly… literally.

With this position, she has to lie on her back on bed or whatever surface that affords an edge with her feet planted in the floor. In between her spread legs is where he kneels to penetrate her deeply. Add manual stimulation for more knee-jerking tingling. And when she’s near her orgasm, have her legs raised all the way up, pumping her harder until she explodes.

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